Realistic Prescription Bottle 3D Asset

Jeremiah Clark
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A detailed, photorealistic prescription bottle with PBR textures. It works as a real-time model, but it's not game optimized. It renders very well in an offline renderer such as VRay or Modo. More renders can be seen here:

This was modeled and UVed in Modo. It is a pure polygon model (not SubD), and only vertex smoothing was used. The textures were created using Substance Designer and are entirely procedural.

The included .sbsar file includes the ability to alter nearly all of the text, the colors, and the level of wear and tear. If you'd prefer to use texture maps, the .sbsar file can be opened and customized using the free Substance Player app, and the texture maps exported.


* (5) .obj files: Bottle, Cap, Cap Insert, and Label (plus one with all combined)

* (1) .sbsar file with exposed options (text, colors, and wear level)

* (1) .lxo (Modo) scene file

* (1) .tbscene (Marmoset) scene file

* (1) .mview (Marmoset Viewer) file

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